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Important reasons to join CHARR

  1. Alaska CHARR fights for your rights as a business owner in the hospitality industry through lobbying on the local, state, and national levels.
  2. Workers Comp Program: Alaska CHARR has returned over $500,000 to our participating members. It is simple....just call your agent and tell them you want to be part of the Republic Indemnity & Alaska CHARR program.
  3. Special Occupation Tax (SOT): The repeal of the SOT saves every licensee at least $250.00 per year. Alaska CHARR had a major influence on the repeal of this tax, which began during the Civil War to fund the northern army.
  4. DEC Food Code Changes: Alaska Charr has led the effort to defend the industry from unreasonable regulations. We believe Alaska food service workers do a great job providing safe, healthy food and beverages to their customers.
  5. Training Discounts: Members receive discounts on both TAM and ServSafe food safety classes.
  6. Credit Card Processing: Heartland Payment Systems (HPS) will save Alaska CHARR members money with discounted rates.
  7. The National Restaurant Association keeps you on top of public policy and legal matters, and wins victories on issues which affect the restaurant industry. When you become a member of Alaska CHARR you also become a member of the National Restaurant Association.
  8. Alaska CHARR meets with legislators in Washington DC to support the extensive list of legislative priorities from the National Restaurant Association. This includes issues like business depreciation, minimum wage, obesity lawsuits, health insurance and social security reform.
  9. American Beverage Licensees (ABL) is the nations largest trade association that acts on behalf of beer, wine, and spirits retailers, representing 18,000 on and off premise licensees. The American Beverage Licensees was successful in correcting the prohibitive message, Don't Drink&Drive. When you become a member of Alaska CHARR you also become a member of the American Beverage Licensees.

This is a powerful combination of associations working to protect your rights as a business owner!